Volante Racing was established in December 2018 and is growing rapidly, in terms of the teams presence as well as driver talent. Our founders Alleric Enslin, a racing prodigy and Wade Lambert a digital marketing whizz joined forces and together with a clear vision and passion for racing created Volante Racing.

Our aim is to not only help grow the sim racing scene within South Africa and globally but also to become a serious contender on track, challenging some of the biggest names out there. 



Alleric has been competing in online racing games since a very young age. His knowledge and experience is an asset to the Volante team. His vision and dedication to sim racing shows explicitly in his driving and off track duties. Alleric was the first winner of the Dominus Gaming GT3 Series based in South Africa and drove professionally for Virtual Drivers by TX3.

Founder / Driver


Founder / Marketing Director

Wade has an extensive background in digital marketing and design. He was featured as an Emerging Creative at Design Indaba in 2015 showcasing his automotive lifestyle brand. He is involved in many aspects of the automotive scene in South Africa including drifting, racing, car shows and everything in between.  Together with his expertise in marketing and a love for all things automotive Wade brings a fresh new perspective to Volante Racing.


Sim Racing is short for “simulation racing”. Sim racing refers to racing in a simulated environment, usually electronic, with realistic physics affecting the car. As opposed to a racing video game, which is designed to be easily driven by novices, sim racing software will more accurately mimic the effects of tire traction, suspension spring rates and physics of a real racing car. Globally Sim Racing is growing rapidly. Sim Racing is now an officially recognized motorsports discipline in Germany.



Are you looking to reach a broader audience in the sim racing and e-sports community? If so by becoming a Volante partner you can access our many different mediums of advertising and branding. We take pride in showing our partners off in the best possible way. With our knowledge of digital marketing we are accustomed to a Return of Investment (ROI) marketing strategy.


  • Advertising Space On Vehicles.

  • Branding on our website.

  • Branding on Our social media channels.

  • Organic/Paid Social Media promotion.

  • Brand representation at events (Influencers).

  • Promo code driven advertising through Social Media.

  • Logo Placements In Our Videos.

With our dedication to compete in a variety races both local and globally, this enables us to have our cars showcased on live streams and highlight recaps. Ensuring advertising is seen and noticed by our audiences. It also allows for a high level of brand recognition for sponsors. Through our social media platforms and digital marketing expertise we can target our audience effectively to maximize reach.


If you need any more information, would like to sponsor us or just say Hi, use the form below!


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